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Updated December 6, 2022
SIMOE 35'' Electric Teppanyaki Grill Griddle, BBQ Smokeless Grills, 2000W Indoor Outdoor Barbecue Griddles Table Top with Nonstick Surfaces and Adjustable 5 Temperature Setting
🥩【PERFECT INDOOR BBQ PARTY】 Enjoy a barbecue with your family. 35x9 inch indoor grill allows you to bake a variety of foods at once. Electric grill with 6 wooden spatulas and 2 non-stick egg rings, so you and friends can fully enjoy cooking fun. Smoke-free grill is perfect for parties, family dinner, indoor barbecues, camping, RVS and commercial use.
🍅【5 TEMPERATURE CONTROL】 2000W super power grill can heat food quickly. Outdoor grill comes with 5 thermostat Settings from 212-464℉ by adjusting a temperature knob. You can choose the right temperature to produce the best flavor whether it's grilled vegetables, steak, lamb, eggs, bacon or seafood.
🍡【USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN】 Simoe teppanyaki grill is equipped with 2 cool touch handles for easy movement to protect hands from scalding. 4 non-slip feet provide stability during cooking and can also separate the table from grill to protect the table from burning. The oil catcher effectively collects excess oil for easy cleaning.
🍤【HEALTHY LOW FAT & NON-STICK】 Indoor smokeless grills can effectively bake out excess fat and oil while ensuring delicious taste, making food greener and healthier. The baking tray comes with a non-stick edible coating that ensures a more appetizing cooking shape and is easier to clean.
6 lbs
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VEVOR 2 in 1 Electric Grill and Hot Pot, 2200W BBQ Pan Grill and Hot Pot, Multifunctional Teppanyaki Grill Pot with Dual Temp Control, Smokeless Hot Pot Grill with Nonstick Coating for 1-8 People
2 in 1 Hot Pot Grill: Our electric hot pot grill combines a hot pot and a grill area for multipurpose use, allowing you to enjoy hot pot and barbecue simultaneously. The 2.7Qt / 3L capacity hot pot contains a divider for carrying 2 tastes of food. Dual-purpose offers double fun.
Separate Dual Thermostat: Our hotpot and grill are equipped with 2 independent temp control knobs. You can precisely adjust the heating temperature from 0℉ to 464℉. With a 1200W heating tube for the hot pot and a 1000W tube for the barbecue grill, our machine offers you a high-efficient and stable heating experience. In addition, it also has overheat protection, which will auto shut off when the temperature is up to 464℉.
Excellent Cooking Material: Made of cast aluminum with nonstick coating, the body of our hotpot grill combo is heatproof, easy to clean, and sturdy to use. The tempered glass lid is well-designed to block the steam inside and avoid accidents. Besides, the bakelite handles keep your hands from scalding during operation.
Innovative Design: The oil leakage outlet on the grill plate can effectively discharge excess oil and reduce the amount of smoke produced. A drawer is included to collect oil dripping from the outlet. The detachable design is convenient for you to clean the hot pot. The base plate has excellent heat insulation, ensuring that the heat remains in the cooking areas. The bottom feet are nonslip for secure use.
12 lbs
Premium Heavy Duty 35” Electric Portable Nonstick Teppanyaki Hibachi Grill Leurex Extra Large Table Top Griddle BBQ Barbecue Indoor Outdoor Camping with Adjustable Temperature
ENJOY LOW-FAT HEALTHY COOKING – Leurex is dedicated to helping you achieve your nutritional goals. Its 35” x 9” nonstick teppanyaki surface plate allow you to cook lean meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, eggs, and more without harmful nonstick sprays or similar products. Harmful grease and oils are separated and collected in a removable drip tray, allowing you – the chef – to focus on the quality of your culinary experience;
100% PORTABLE – its lightweight, compact design allow you to enjoy professional outdoor and indoor cooking; simply plug in anywhere there is an outlet. The elongated electric griddle is perfect for outdoor events, backyard parties, holidays or rugged camping trips with large groups. Or host dinner parties and serve inside your home, worry-free of dangerous smoke, carcinogens or flammable residue;
ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE – toggle temperature settings to achieve the perfect consistency for any dish, impressing family and friends with your culinary prowess. Easily adjustable thermostat knob offers five distinct temperature settings, enabling you to produce dishes quickly or keep them warm in simmer mode;
EFFORTLESS CLEANING – Tired of scrubbing traditional BBQ grills with grates that rust and stain? The Leurex teppanyaki grill, with its grease-eliminating drip tray, offers 315 square inches of nonstick grilling space that can be cleaned with a fresh paper towel and a stroke of the hand. Tired of cleaning expensive steel utensils that overheat and grind? 6 dishwasher-safe wooden spatulas and 2 egg rings included in the set glide smoothly on the surface plate and your grill remains scratch-free;
8 lbs
Large Electric griddle, 35" Teppanyaki Grill Extra Large Table Top Griddle, Portable BBQ Grill Electric, with Drip Pan and Adjustable Temperature for Party/Home/Camping Cooking
Large-capacity Electric Grill Pan with Adjustable Temperature: 35" extra-large electric grill pan, to meet the grilling needs of a family! 5 different temperature settings can meet the grilling of different foods, you can choose as you like. It is very suitable for family and outdoor gatherings, enjoy the delicious taste easily.
No Need to Worry about Oil Splashing on Your Table: the intimate drip pan is designed at the bottom of the middle of the product, the oil will drop directly into the drip pan through the circular hole in the middle of the baking pan, and you only need to take out the drip pan, Can easily deal with oil problems.
Easy to Clean: High quality non-stick coating with good oil resistance, giving you a non-stick cooking experience, easy to move and flip food during your grilling without worrying about food sticking to the baking sheet, and easy to clean. Unlike traditional Non-stick pans are more environmentally friendly and don’t produce harmful fumes or cause fires.
Anti-scalding Handles and Non-slip Feet: The handles on both sides of our grill are made of anti-scalding side material, which allows you to move easily without worrying about being scalded and causing danger. In addition, our Teppanyaki Large Grill is equipped with 4 non-slip feet to provide more stability and protect your table from heat at the same time.
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Our #1 Pick in Teppanyaki Grills

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