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Updated December 6, 2022
Nalone Adirondack Side Table 16.5" Outdoor Side Table HDPE Plastic Double Adirondack End Table Small Table for Patio (Black)
2 - Tier Table Brings More Space - NALONE outdoor Adirondack table is designed with 2 layers, the upper and lower storage racks can place items. The load bearing capacity of the upper plate is 360 pounds, (The load bearing capacity of our end table is 100 pounds higher than others) and the load-bearing capacity of the lower plate is 160 pounds. You can easily put drinks, snacks or anything. 
Weather Resistant Material - This outdoor side table is made of HDPE and shares the quality of strong UV resistance. It has the beautiful touch of wood, but unlike wood cracking in dry conditions or rotting in frequent moisture, this chair stays sturdy no matter the climate (hot, dry, rain or snow). The color is long-lasting with sunshine inhibitors, it won't fade or dull.
Ideal Size & Multi-Use - Size: 16.55"D x 12"W x 17.3"H. It is a stylish and functional table for a small space. Rounded edges Unlike other square tables with sharp edges, kid-friendly. Perfect to complement patio chairs, Adirondack chairs, or rocking chairs. Ideal for patio/garden/courtyard/lawn/pool/yard/balcony. Also suitable in the living room, bedroom, and kitchens.
Easy to Assemble and Maintain - All spare parts needed are included in the parcel, only need 10 mins to install with clear directions. You can clean easily with a wet cloth, soap, water, or a sanding sponge. It can last many summers outdoors.
8 lbs
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