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Kids Electric Toothbrush
Updated December 6, 2022
Triple Bristle Best Kids Sonic Toothbrush | Rechargeable 31,000 VPM Tooth Brush | Patented 3 Brush Head Design | Angled Bristles Clean Each Tooth | Dentist Created & Approved | Sonic Toothbrush 1 Pack
🦷TRIPLE BRISTLE KIDS: Start your child’s oral care journey out on the right path with our kids rechargeable sonic toothbrush. The patented kids sized 3-sided brush head gets the job done in 1/3 the time! Triple Bristle has been scientifically designed with 31,000 sonic stroke vibrations per minute to give your teeth the best possible clean in 1/3 the time of other kids toothbrushes. Includes colorful stickers that will add a little fun to their brushing routine!
👄REDUCES LEVELS OF PLAQUE, GUM SORENESS & BLEEDING: The easy to use 3 bristle head has is perfectly angled to get in those hard to reach places. This innovative design has 3 cleaning modes (high/clean, soft/gentle, and massage) that will help remove stains while promoting a white plaque-free smile and fresh breath for all children.
⚡️RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Keep your Triple Bristle toothbrush charged with the compact plug-in charging station. The handle is equipped with a charging indicator light that will help you keep your kids keep their toothbrush charged. Swap out the brush head with the Triple Bristle Kids Replacement pack when the blue indicator bristles fade to white.
✔️DENTIST CREATED & DENTIST APPROVED: Our unique brush design is revolutionizing the way we clean teeth and is recommended by Dentists across the United States. With 4 years of testing and designing, we have created a kids toothbrush that makes oral care easier, faster, and more effective than the leading brand. Every Triple Bristle Kids comes with a 1 year warranty.
Sonic Toothbrush 1 Pack
Skauerer 2 Pack Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Adults and Kids, Rechargeable Electric Toothbrushe with 8 Brush Heads, 3 Modes, 4 Hours Fast Charge for 60 Days, Smart Timer(White&Green)
【 Deeply Clean Teeth and Removes up to12X More Stains 】Electric toothbrush delivers 48000 strokes per minute, the cleaning effect is 12 times that of manual toothbrushes and 4 times that of ordinary electric toothbrushes. Sonic technology gently pulses fluid between the teeth and along the gum line for a gentle and effective clean every time.
【2 Pack Toothbrush & 8 Brush Heads】The soft, w-shape bristles are designed to suit teeth topography and remove up to 100% more stains from hard-to-reach spots. Each brush head lasts 3 months so 8 will last for about 24 months.
【IPX7 Waterproof and 2-Mins Timer】 Rechargeable toothbrush with IPX7 rated waterproof design, so the entire toothbrush can be safely rinsed with water and user can safely use toothbrush in the bath or shower. Built in 2 minutes smart timer control, 30 seconds interval reminding you to move to the next quadrant of your mouth, and totally in 2 minutes(4 quadrants) to ensure 2 minutes brushing.
【4 Hours Charging for 60 Days Using】Built-in high-capacity battery, 4 hours fast charging technology, 1 charge can be used for 60 days(2 times a day). USB cable compatible with 5V0.5A Adapter (Adapter is not included in the package) or applicable to a USB port, such as phone, power bank and so on. Great for carrying and traveling.
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