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Updated December 9, 2022
Blood Pressure Machine, Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Uppre Arm Adjustable Large Cuff 8.7-16.5", 2 User 240 Memory, LED Backlit Display BP Monitors for Home Use
【High Accuracy BP & HR Monitoring】 The blood pressure machines for home use is built with our latest chip and advanced AI algorithm.This blood pressure monitor detects your blood pressure with superior high accuracy. While measuring the blood pressure, it also detects your heart rate and will alert you if there is any irregular heartbeat detected.All process just needs 50 seconds and one-touch on start button.Designed to be at a 60° angle, the display is easy to read and optimized for viewing.
【Large Backlight Color Display for Easy Reading】 With the large reverse backlight display and large digital numbers, this blood pressure machine presents the readings clearly. With the specially enlarged font, it makes the readings more reader-friendly. 6 Colorful pressure level makes it Clearly to know your pressure level.No matter in the day, or at night, the blood pressure monitor delivers clear & accurate readings for your health reference.
【240 Readings & Large Adjustable Cuff Design】 The BP monitor works fo 2 users with up to 240 readings(120 for each). And it takes 3 consecutive readings to find your average blood pressure, giving you a more comprehensive reference for health. The adjustable arm cuff fits most of arm sizes (22-42cm/8.7-16.5inch).This uper arm Blood presssure monitor features auto cuff detection tech that alerts you with indicators if operated wrongly, ensuring you accurate results of every detection.
【One-Touch Operation with Carrying Pouch】 For easy operation, the fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor starts to detect both your blood pressure and heart rate with just a press.Put the large cuff on your upper arm and press the start button ,the BP monitor will work quickly and accurately.If no button is pressed in 2 minutes, the monitor will power off automatically. It's compact and comes with a carrying case, bringing you excellent portability to take it anywhere with you.
Greater Goods Blood Pressure Monitor - Premium, All-in-One | Smart, Bluetooth, Portable Heart Rate Monitor | Comfortable Blood Pressure Cuff That is Easy to Use | Designed in St. Louis
Everything You Need: Greater Goods smart, all-in-one blood pressure machine comes with everything you need to make tracking heart health over time and monitoring for high blood pressure on-the-go as simple and accurate as possible. Also, the blood pressure monitor is compatible with two users, and you can store as many readings as you want in our proprietary app for iOS and Android.
A Monitor Made Right: A tried and true digital blood pressure monitor, including a bright, back-lit display; sleek, minimal design making it ideal for home or out and about; powerful, accurate interior components; bluetooth connectivity, so you can track the trends in your results; and premium, comfortable blood pressure cuff.
An App for That: Greater Goods’ in-house designed Balance app was created to compliment our at home bp monitor. By connecting to the app, you can store as many entries as you want in your phone and break down the tracking of your heart health in many different ways for a holistic health experience. Additionally, each monitor is made for two separate users.
Long Lasting, Lithium-Ion: Making this truly the perfect BPM for when you’re on-the-go. Lithium-ion charges fast and will last for hours of use—and you don’t have to cycle through disposable batteries anymore!
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