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Updated December 6, 2022
PAYRFV Upgraded Patient Lift Wheelchair for Home, Double Hydraulic Patient Lift Aid, Bathroom Wheelchairs with 180° Split Seat and Bedpan, Transfer Wheelchair with Tray Desk, 17.7" Seat, 380 lbs
[4 IN 1 WHEELCHAIR LIFT]: This equipment has several purposes and may be used as a patient lift, wheelchair, bedside commode, or bathroom chair. For obese or oversized patients, we suggest that the patient’s seat should be measured to ensure that it is approximately the same size as the seat of the PAYRFV. The width of the PAYRFV seat is 17.7", our transfer chair can be used suitably if the width of the chair that the patient is currently using is similar in size.
[VERSATILITY]: The upgrade premium double hydraulic pump is designed to raise, lift and transfer patients gradually from any position to ensure safety and comfort. The 180° split seat base allows it to effortlessly move most immobile patients, crippled people, and wheelchair users. Seat height can be adjusted between 18 in -26 in. The 4.7-inch under-bed gap permits access beneath most beds. The chair has a 17.7inch wide seat with a soft foam cushion and can be used as a commode chair.
[SAFER PATIENT TRANSFERS]: Front and rear silent casters with a lock mechanism. You can securely stop the wheelchair. 360° universal rear wheel, flexible steering. The shower wheelchair backrest features a light pull rotation buckle lock and seat belt design that helps to maintain the user's sitting position. The whole frame is made of stainless steel, and the tube wall is thickened. PAYRFV provides quality and durable patient lift wheelchairs to help eliminate dangerous slips and falls.
[BATH CHAIR AND COMMODE CHAIR]: The transfer chair is made of stainless steel, highly waterproof, and not rusty. Convenient to use as a shower toilet since it allows the user to shower without changing seats or standing up. When the chair is not in use, the bucket and seat may be readily removed for cleaning. Meanwhile, the double hydraulic lift wheelchair can be easily lifted and lowered by pedaling to accommodate persons of various heights. Allows users to enjoy bathing in a relaxing position.
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